Access WHOIS Domain Information

Acquire Domains Already Registered

Often when you do a whois search for a domain you will find the records
of someone who already registered the domain.  There is some important
information returned in such a case which can be used to acquire the
domain in the future.

First, and most important, is the contact details of the person or company
that registered the domain.  This will normally provide you a means of
getting in contact with the owner and negotiating to purchase the domain
name.  This is one way to acquire domains that are already registered.

Other useful information included is the domain registration date and
expiration date.  This tells you when the domain was originally registered
and when it will be available for registration again if the party fails
to renew the registration.

So the main question is when to wait and try and register a domain when
the domain registration lapses and when to try and purchase the domain?
This question is not so easily answered and depends on your needs for the
domain and the timeframe involved.  here are some hints:  If the domain is
not in use (when you check it using your web browser you see no site) then
you have a good chance of purchasing or having the domain elapse so you can
register it.  If you are hoping for it to lapse check the registration date.
Chances are if the domain was registered more than 2 or 3 years ago it is not
very likely to lapse, this is because the user has already renewed the domain
at least once and likely has a plan for it.  If you find the domain is close
to expiry and the registration date 1 or 2 years ago it means the domain has
not yet been renewed.  While this does not mean they will fail to renew you
do have a better chance of getting the domain.

It is also possible that the domain will show on hold or past its expiry.
This is because there is a lag time between when a domain expires and when
that domain is again made available for anyone to register.  During this
period the original owner can renew however if they fail to do so then the
domain is up for registration again.  You have the best chance of getting
a domain that is already expired or on hold.
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